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Personal Data Protection Notice

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, this Personal Data Protection Notice sets out how ASEF collects, uses, retains and discloses your personal data.

ASEF recognises its responsibilities in relation to the collection, retaining, processing, using and the disclosure of personal data. The provision of your personal data is voluntary. You may choose not to provide us with the requested data; but failure to do so may inhibit our ability to do collaborate with you or provide services to you.

What is Personal Data

Personal Data is data from which an individual can be identified from the data alone or with other information about the individual. For the purposes of our services, personal data would generally include your full name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, nationality, identity card or passport information, gender, marital status, employment details and income details. For information on the specific personal data that ASEF will require of you, please refer to our Terms of Reference, Project Agreement and/or terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you.

How do we collect Personal Data

ASEF collects personal data in the following manner:


ASEF collects, uses and discloses personal data for the following purposes:

By interacting with ASEF, submitting information to ASEF, or signing up to participate in any ASEF’s programme/event, you consent to ASEF to use and retain your information for as long as necessary to fulfil the above purposes. Reasonable steps will be taken to delete, destroy or anonymise your personal data when it is no longer necessary for any of the above purposes.


Who may be provided with your Personal Data

Your personal data will be kept confidential but may, where permitted by law and where such disclosure to third parties is necessary to satisfy the purpose or a directly related purpose for which the personal data was collected, disclose and transfer your personal data to the following parties, ether located inside or outside of Singapore:

Individuals may withdraw their consent for ASEF to collect, use or disclose their personal data by giving ASEF reasonable notice, using the “Withdrawal of Consent Form” which is available on request from us.

However, withdrawal of your consent for ASEF to collect, use or disclose your personal data will render ASEF being unable to continue any collaborations, participation in ASEF programmes or might lead to a termination of any contractual relationship with ASEF or a breach of certain contractual undertakings or obligations.


Data Accuracy

It is the individual’s responsibility to provide accurate and up to date personal data in order for ASEF to service you.


Contact Us

For questions and/or comments about our cookie policy and this statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer:

Mr Lawrence Anderson 

Director, Communications

31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore, 119595


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