Asia-Europe Energy Policy Forum

Asia and Europe are confronted by many critical energy challenges in the 21st century. Among them is the difficulty of ensuring energy security. On one hand, Asia is incapable of meeting the growing demand for energy due to dwindling oil reserves. As the largest global energy consumer, China has transitioned from an exporter to a net importer of primary energy. Europe, on the other hand, has seen a gradual decline in its total production of primary energy over years. While the production of renewable energy has experienced significant growth in Europe, the European Union’s (EU’s) imports of primary energy continue to exceed its exports. In fact, the EU’s most populous Member States are simultaneously the largest net importers of energy.

Another core energy challenge facing Asia and Europe is how to reconcile energy policy with the broader climate change policy objectives. Creating the necessary socio-technical and institutional environments for the economy and society’s transition towards low-carbon energy and developing green energy sectors have become key priorities in both regions. The Asia-Europe Energy Policy Forum intends to shed light on Asia’s and Europe’s current energy- and climate-related policies as well as future developments in policy and practice.  

The Asia-Europe Energy Policy Forum aims to bring together representatives from government agencies and experts in the field of energy and climate change from research institutions, among others, to develop insights into the energy policy of ASEM members and explore areas of cooperation to mitigate the common critical energy challenges they face.

The programme’s main objective is to provide a platform for prominent representatives from the academic, corporate and decision-making spheres in ASEM regions to foster a continuous policy dialogue on the topics of climate change and energy.

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