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ASEF promotes cultural cooperation between Asia and Europe. It provides information and policy analysis through an arts...

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aseforg-projects-themes Economy


Together with its partners of the Asia Europe Economic Forum (AEEF), ASEF addresses current economic issues and long-term trends...

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ASEF has set in motion projects which contribute to education policy dialogue and facilitate youth networks. Through interdisciplinary and pragmatic...

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Respect for human rights, rule of law, effective participation, and accountability of public institutions are some areas that lay the...

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Through its media projects, ASEF creates unique networking platforms for the exchange of views and ideas as well as...

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aseforg-projects-themes Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Since its inception, ASEF has initiated several dialogue platforms on sustainable development and climate change issues in...

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aseforg-projects-themes Public Health

Public Health

The ASEF Public Health Network (ASEF PHN) is part of the ASEM Initiative for the Rapid Containment of Pandemic Influenza. The...

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ASEF’s projects advance the priorities of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), which are relevant to both regions. Our projects cover 7 broad themes, and take the form of conferences, lecture tours, workshops, seminars, web-based platforms and book, CD and DVD publications.

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