The above question is addressed by ASEF and its partners in our latest publication “Asia in the Eyes of Europe – Images of a rising giant”.  This book examines the perception of ‘Asia’ based on a unique study of media coverage and public opinion in 8 European Union (EU) member states.

It was launched through a series of briefings in 7 cities across Asia and Europe including Singapore, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. Overall the launch events gathered an audience of over 350 people.  The book provides a benchmark for understanding the perceptions of ‘Asia’ across Europe.

The publication is based on the findings of the study which were discussed during the briefing sessions. The study analysed 29 media outlets on a daily basis for articles on ‘Asia’ and Asian regional organisations. A public opinion survey of over 6,500 respondents was carried out. This was complemented with face to face interviews of over 100 media professionals. The findings offer an in depth multi-layered view of how ‘Asia’ and its actors are represented in the media, how news on Asia is reported and finally, how the Europeans perceive Asia.

The latest findings from the ‘EU through the Eyes of Asia’ study were also shared during the briefing events. This study examines the perception of the EU across 10 Asian ASEM countries. A publication of the findings will be available in November 2012.

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