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The 22nd ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU22) was conducted 12–23 September 2018 in Croatia and Slovenia, in partnership with Algebra University College, Edward Bernays University College, the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism in Poreč, the University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics and the University of Primorska – Faculty of Tourism Studies (Turistica). The project was further supported, among others, by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Croatia and Slovenia, as well as the National Tourism Boards of both respective countries.

Themed “Sustainable Tourism: Youth Driving Green Growth”, 47 participants from 46 Asian and European countries voyaged across 4 cities in Croatia and Slovenia through a 2-week experiential learning journey focussed on the 3 dimensions of sustainable development: Economic, Social and Environmental. The programme included practical trainings, stimulating lectures and alternative tourism exercises on the multiple aspects of sustainability. ASEFSU22 was the ASEF Education Department’s first large-scale project in both Croatia and Slovenia, and it was also the first time an ASEFEdu project assessed its impact on the planet and tried to actively minimise it through various sustainable project management approaches.

As part of the programme, the ASEFSU22 participants were divided into 8 Challenge Teams who were tasked to identify and present solutions to the use of disposable plastic at Hostelling International hostels. While the Challenge Teams pitched their ideas live on social media on the last day of the project, the winning group will be announced in October 2018, once ASEF and Hostelling International have assessed also the detailed Challenge Team reports. The Challenge Team with the best proposal will be invited to present their solutions at upcoming, global tourism fairs as well as at ASEF and ASEM projects and initiatives.