ENVforum Brief Who will pay


The Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) has published an issue brief entitled “Who will pay for the Sustainable Development Goals?: Update on national experience/approaches to financing the SDGs after 2015”.

Since 2015, many countries have introduced improved or innovative solutions to attract and mobilise financing for SDG implementation. This brief is a follow-up to the ASEF research paper on “How to pay for the SDGs?” published in 2015. It provides an update on key development financing issues and an excerpt of national experiences of SDG financing in Asia and Europe.

The 5 key points explored are:

  1. Official Development Assistance will remain an important source of development financing
  2. ODA has to be used as a catalyst to attract other sources of funding to developing countries and mobilise domestic resources
  3. To support domestic resource mobilisation, improved institutional coordination will be of key importance
  4. A considerable amount of additional domestic funding can be channelled towards SDG implementation with improved taxation, budgeting and financing practices
  5. Private resources are not typical sources of development financing, and thus represent untapped potential for financing the SDGs


You can read the full issue brief here.

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